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The Gloucester City Mustangs are a federally recognized not-for-profit organization tasked with the objective of providing youth athletes with the opportunity to grow as individuals while engaging in America's favorite game. We see football as a vehicle to teach children about honesty, courage, hard work, and resilience. We hope that you consider our organization when deciding which activities will help mold your child into a successful and contributing citizen

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Stay informed and up to date on all Mustang Events and News. Guest Bartending, Coin Drops, Punt/Pass/Kick events. This website is updated often - Click Here for more information

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President's Message
Welcome to the 2017 Gloucester Mustangs Fall Football Season! I’d be remissed if I didn’t begin by thanking our members, parents, players, and coaches who have worked diligently throughout this off season and prepared, along with our Executive Board, a Plan of Action to continue to uphold the great tradition of football in our great City of Gloucester. These volunteers and their families have climbed mountains to leave behind a great football program for everyone to enjoy for years to come.............Click Here to read more
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For the 2017 season the Mustangs and Chearleading are offering online registration (click on the link below)

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